Anime Review – Seto no Hanayome

Seto no Hanayome


Michishio Nagasumi’s life couldn’t be anymore normal. In an odd twist of events, during his summer vacation he ends up almost drowning in the sea. Luckily, the cute mermaid Seto San appears to save him. However, San is from a yakuza mermaid family and according to their law, if a human is to catch sight of a mermaid, either he or the mermaid must die. The only other way is for Nagasumi to be taken in as a family member, marrying San. In attempts to save both of their lives, Nagasumi asks for San’s hand in marriage. Nagasumi’s summer vacation reaped more then what he would expect, as he must now protect San from others finding her secret out.

My Review

Ok so Seto no Hanayome was a pretty good anime.  I mean how could you go wrong with a girl who saves a guy from drowning.  The guy finding out about a secret mermaid society that is exactly like a mafia family.  Then finding out that the only way he can stay alive is if he marries into that family because no human can find out about the mermaids.

This is a pretty cute anime if you are looking for something light to watch.  You will definitely have a few laughs.  The art style in the anime is set like a parody so sometimes you will get an over dramatic sequence which is filled with humour/seriousness so its pretty awesome if I do say so myself.  Basically this a lovey dovey anime comedy/love triangle harem in which you cannot help but get pulled into by these well created characters and crazy dumb plots they get pulled into.

My Bride is a Mermaid I grant you a


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